Find durable, stain resistant and affordable Foam Pad Sponge, Sponge Scrub Pad, Scrub Pads, Plastic Scrubbers and Foam Pad Sponges!
About Us

We, Nice World Cleanwel, would love hearing from you for buying heavy duty Foam Pad Sponge, Plastic Round Scrubber, Multicolor Plastic Round Scrubber, Kitchen Scrub Pad, etc. We know that everyone enjoys working in a fresh smelling kitchen with sparkling clean utensils. This is what we strive to do- make utensils cleaner and our clients happier with our well-designed range of scrub pads, sponges and scrubbers. As we sell products in various colours too, all made to clean the toughest of debris, dirt and grime, these can be used elsewhere in your home and spaces too, for instance, for other jobs like cleaning puja utensils, flower pots, sinks, metal decor items, etc., as per your choice. Be it light cleaning or tough cleaning minus the effort, we have it all to suit specific needs of scratch-free and spotless cleaning.

Many manufacturers of cleaning products under deliver completely as they try and keep pace with bulk demands. Unlike them, we keep up with our quality promises and satisfy every buyer with the following:

  • Revolutionary cleaning products
  • Reliable services
  • Rapid delivery
  • Reasonable prices

Our Aim

Our aim is to delight customers with our range of Foam Pad Sponge, Kitchen Scrub Pad, and other scrubbing and cleaning products that can effectively tackle all their utensils cleaning and other cleaning needs in less time. In the next few years, we want our range to become the weapon of choice of many buyers looking for heavy-duty, long lasting and affordable scrubs, pads and cleaning sponges.

Why Choose Us?

Cleaning pads and scrubbers might sit unassumingly and humbly in most kitchens. However, their jobs cannot be overlooked as their efficiency can do wonders and make some of the most tough jobs like scrubbing tough leftovers from pots and pans, cleaning greasy countertops, etc., in the kitchen quite easier. To help you deal with a host of such everyday kitchen chores the right way, we work hard to offer the best deals on our range. We make sure we design products that have good abrasion properties, good grip, dries easily for preventing breeding of mold and bacteria, and therefore score 100% on hygiene and efficiency. We also offer the range in various widths, colours and thicknesses, with excellent odour and stain resistance. Another bonus of choosing our range is its affordable and client friendly pricing, regardless of the size of the order. Whether we sell just a few pieces, multi packs or take large scale orders, we make sure that our rates are highly economical.
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